About us

Industry Advisory Board

The NIHR Cardiovascular Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC) brings together all the important participants that are needed to take research from the prototype and trial phase to the implementation phase where we can impact patient care. These participants advise and support the project teams and the NIHR Cardiovascular HTC to reduce the risk and improve the success of new technologies.

One of the main aims of the NIHR Cardiovascular HTC is to encourage the take up of research results by companies. This requires that the HTC encourage researchers to continue working on more mature science and technology, and work alongside clinicians and companies to move the research from the laboratory to the hands of the clinicians and the manufacturing capabilities of the companies.

With a view to providing industry-led guidance on medical technologies the HTC has formed an Industry Advisory Board. The board comprises of senior members of global medical technology companies with experience in strategy development, research and commercialisation.

The Industry Advisory Boards main responsibilities include: