This page displays the scientific publications from the Clinical and Technical leads for the Cardiovascular HTC

Dr Amedeo Chiribiri (Clinical Lead for Atherosclerosis)

Professor Mark O’Neill (Clinical Lead for Cardiac Arrhythmia)

Professor CA Rinaldi (Clinical Lead for Heart Failure)

Dr Gerry Carr-White (Clinical Lead for Structural Heart Disease)

Professor Reza Razavi (HTC Director and Clinical Lead for Paediatric Technologies)


Professor Rene Botnar (Technical Lead for Atherosclerosis)

Professor Kawal Rhode (Technical Lead for Cardiac Arrhythmia)

Dr David Nordsletten (Technical Lead for Heart Failure)

Dr Jordi Alastruey-Arimon (Technical Lead for Structural Heart Disease)

Dr Pablo Lamata (Technical Lead for Paediatric Technologies)